Manabu Ikeda — Nature Taking over Industrialization

Foretoken , 2008 Manabu Ikeda

Foretoken, 2008 Manabu Ikeda

Visited Japan Society “Garden of Unearthly Delights” this weekend, and again, blown away by Manabu Ikeda’s meticulous paintings. He fills in massive 6x11 foot space with fine-point pen, one of the works here took him 2 years by working 8 hours everyday. I was surprised to hear that he does not plan ahead and just keep drawing small parts spontaneously. Foretoken, which tsunami swallowing the civilization, was painted before 2011, and in fact, removed from an exhibition during the disaster.

It would take you days to find all these precious details. Hope you will enjoy!
Show is ongoing at Japan Society until January 11, 2015.