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I love Ai

Ai Yamaguchi "shinchishirin" at Joshua Liner Gallery

Ai Yamaguchi "shinchishirin" at Joshua Liner Gallery

We just saw an exhibit of Ai Yamaguchi, currently showing at Joshua Liner gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Her delicate work, somewhere between Ukiyoe and comics appeals to the anime generation, but it goes far beyond. When you get closer, you will see hidden textures and other interesting nuances.

She paints intriguing portraits of young prostitutes in the Edo period. But their facial expression is as if they are in another world — almost like that of a super heroine, while still appearing innocent and sincere. Never ennui like as in Ukiyoe. The titles are inspired by ancient poetry, which adds even more intrigue, as I do not understand the old language, but it sounds very cool.

Adding to the many nuances, they are painted on futon canvas. The frame is literally wrapped by a blanket! They look more like ceramics or plaster than canvas, and it transforms this wonderful two dimensional work to 3D.

Can’t wait for the day to hang a futon on my wall.

Ai Yamaguchi "shinchishirin" at Joshua Liner Gallery

Ai Yamaguchi "shinchishirin" at Joshua Liner Gallery

Joshua Linerギャラリーで山口藍の作品を見て来た。やっぱりすき(ハート)。コミックスを山ほど読んでで育った私が単純にかわいい〜と思う絵でもあり、とても今っぽいテクスチャーの良さとか、神経を使う細かな手作業が伺える所とか、とても好みです。