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Ritsue Mishima Fall 2019

Ritsue Mishima Fall 2019

Japan Suite Ritsue Mishima

Fall art season kicked off in New York city and there are quite a lot of Japanese artists took lead-off. We’d like to introduce a few of them next couple weeks!

First, we’d like to report Lumina, Ritsue Mishima’s first solo show in New York. Mishima was born in Kyoto in 1962, and moved to Venice, Italy in 1989, in search of the perfect vase for the flower installation. She started to create them for herself, and after all, the vases became bigger and heavier, object of art itself. She splits her time between the two cities since then. Her works are produced by thousand-year-old glassmaking techniques, collaboration with master craftsmen in Murano. But her aesthetics and point of view are clearly contemporary and her Japanese sensibilities translate colorful classical Murano glasses into bold colorless glass objects.


Mishima’s creation is always spontaneous. She does not plan or design ahead of time, and communicates her vision in clay model with the glass blowing team. The collaboration results in intuitive, abstract, and energetic forms.

She examines how the light plays with her creation, and her installation are carefully designed for the interaction of the objects and the space.

“I’ve learned the unpredictability about glass making from the craftsman, and I taught them to dare to take the creation to the extreme.”


(artwork photos: courtesy of luhring augustine)