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Cloud and Moon
Warabi Mochi from Ungetsu. Cool paper package.

Warabi Mochi from Ungetsu. Cool paper package.

We are now in Tokyo! … meeting with great artists and seeing amazing designs everywhere.

After one of the meetings — at the studio of a bamboo artisan from Kyoto — we walked by a beautiful little store in Minami Aoyama, called Ungetsu. This is a satellite store of a Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, and it means Cloud and Moon. It’s named after a piece of Zen poetry describing a late evening conversation about mountains, clouds, the ocean, and the moon between close friends.

In keeping with it’s poetic name, the store is designed in Kyoto style, and the women working there are all dressed in pretty kimonos. We tried Komatsu Kombu (salted sea weed, which was not so salty and was full of umami!), some Plum Paste (also super yummy... and great with bowl of rice!) along with a cup of green tea. We also purchased some sweet cakes and Warabi Mochi too. We can’t seem to get enough Japanese sweets!


Stay tuned for more about our time in Tokyo meeting with new and exciting artisans — and finding little treasures around every corner.