Chrysanthemum Porcelain plate by Maiko Miyaoka

Chrysanthemum Porcelain plate by Maiko Miyaoka


Maiko Miyaoka, resides and works in Oume, Tokyo. Her signature style porcelains have nostalgic feel as the artist respects and adores the Japanese antique vessels.

Approx. 5.3" x 3.5" x .8" (13.5cm x 9cm x 2cm)
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Miyaoka was born in Yokohama and studied oil painting at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. When she saw a beautiful piece of old Sometsuke work(brush-painted designs in underglaze cobalt blue on a white ceramic) at an antique shop, she fell in love with the charm of porcelain, and moved to Aichi to study at ceramic technical school. The more she was exposed, the more she was attracted by old Imari’s unfettered design and soft surface. Since she and her husband, also a potter, started their own studio in Oume, Tokyo, in 2004, Miyaoka has been trying to express the depth and allure of Imari in her white porcelain and Sometsuke works.