approx. 8.9"D 2.28"H (236mm D 58mm H)
$110.00 KI07 Lacquered Sennoki wood

This is a great piece that can be used for serving food, for display or whatever you’d like, although as much as it does look like a perfect-sized frisbee, we’d probably suggest another use - unless you are very sure-handed or playing on carpet. In that case, have at it and please let us know how it flies. As for us, we like it for showcasing fresh flowers and herbs in spring and summer or fruits year-round. But seriously, this is a beautiful work of art. The grain is stunning and with use, this will become an object to treasure for generations.
Versatile bowl with beautiful Sennoki wood grain. Volume of this product has its visual impact but unexpectedly light weight.

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Kihachi Studios: Works of Art for Daily Life.

From the oldest studio in one of the most famous lacquerware regions in Japan, we are honored to present the work of Kihachi Studio, creators of exquisite works of art designed for everyday use.

Kihachi Studio, was founded in Yamanaka in 1882. Yamanaka, in Ishikawa Prefecture in the west of Japan, has long been a center of expertise and brilliance in producing lacquerware. Kihachi Studios use only wood from trees grown in Japan and native lacquer.

Yamanaka artists long ago pioneered the use of rokuro -- also known as a lathe -- to create their works. Kihachi employs rokuro methods, using natural materials to create beautiful wares that you can use every day and enjoy for many, many years. With regular use, lacquerware gains it’s own unique character, making each piece its own individual work of art. Grain emerges from shadows, color takes on deeper or muted hues -- the piece evolves and has its own life.

We have visited Kihachi’s store in Kanzawa and we have also taken the train from there down to Yamanaka to witness the creation of fine lacquerware first hand -- coming away impressed, humbled, and in love with the region. We are proud to offer these stunning creations from Kihachi Studios.

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