Extra Thin White Chopsticks (Hashi)

Extra Thin White Chopsticks (Hashi)


Kyo Saga Bamboo Extra Thin Chopsticks
8.85 inch long (22.5cm)
$12 TB07

from left,
Smoke $18 TB03
White $14 TB04
Mon $15 TB02
Sesame $15 TB01

Packaged in gift box. (stand not included)
$32 25mmx30mmx167mm TB12

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Takano Chikko produces products at the workshop located in Nagaokakyo city in Kyoto, that is famous for producing high quality bamboo.

Their bamboo is nurtured within Kyoto’s intense cold and warm climate. Lightweight, durable bamboo has been used since ancient times for everyday tools, andalso blossomed as art since the tea ceremony tradition developed in the Momoyama period.