What is Medome?

I personally rarely do this as I like Kannyu and other surface changes on pottery I witness over time. (also I'm quite lazy..!) The porous surface of ceramics will absorb oil and food easily. This may result harsh stain and odor. When we love the way the piece looks at first sight and want the look to last long, there are little tricks we can do easily. It's called Medome in Japanese.

I just cooked some ceramic bowls in a large pot for 30 min. This does not just prevent liquid get absorbed in cracks, but also makes the structure of the ceramics a little tighter.

"Medome" 目止め process

"Medome" 目止め process

— Japan Suite takes care of this part so you can enjoy the first use right after you open the box! —

After this initial step, we just want to soak the piece in water for a few minutes before each use. Although these little stains will add a unique character to it, and the vintage feel is certainly something to enjoy.

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